Table of Contents

  1. Self-marketing: Improving Your Employability
  2. Self-awareness: Exploring Yourself and Your Strengths
  3. Self-employment: Thinking like an Entrepreneur
  4. Self-flourishing: Nurturing your Career Dreams
  5. Self-disruption: Learning & Keeping up with the Changing World
  6. Self-regulation: Self-regulation: Improving your Productivity
  7. Self-compassion: Dealing with the Negative
  8. Self and the City: A Reflective Personal Journey

Who is this toolkit for ?

Do you need to be a student to use this kit?Not at all – anyone interested in learning, creativity, and personal development could get plenty of inspiration from the sample doodles and exercises. I have been teaching self-making, creativity, design thinking, leadership, employability, and personal development for the last 15 years.Therefore, I have developed a wide range teaching methods and materials across these topics; most of which are visual. In this toolkit (i.e. diary) I have tried to make some of these exercises available to my students and the wider audience—young people interested in exploring and developing themselves and preparing themselves for the job market.

How you can use this toolkit ?

  • Get yourself prepared for the job market or a new career path
  • Increase your confidence by exploring and building on your strengths
  • Find out what brings out your excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm
  • Experiment with a diverse set of reflective, creative, and visual exercises to increase your professional skills, productivity, and happiness
  • Learn the tools to design your life and career
About me

Dr. Fahri Karakaş

I am a Senior Lecturer in Business and Leadership at University of East Anglia (UEA).
Passionate notebook lover and keeper.
Serious doodler.
I work and live across three cities in the UK: Norwich, Cambridge, and London
I was born and grew up in Turkey. I did my BA and MBA in Istanbul.
I went to Canada for my PhD (Graduation: 2010). I studied and taught at McGill University, Montreal.
I worked as Research Fellow at the Open University, UK between 2010-2012.
I work as a Visiting Lecturer at University of Cambridge (Pembroke-King’s Programme).
I am also a Visiting Lecturer at Mountbatten Institute in London.
I am an expert on spirituality in management, and I published 30+ articles in leading journals.
I am interested in creativity, design thinking, entrepreneurship,and self-making.